Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Q: Can you make an option for turning off the icon on running apps from the status bar?
A: Unfortunately, the app just won't work if the icon is not there. Read on to see why. The nature of the Smart Ring Control application is that it must monitor the incoming calls at all times, so it can adjust the ring volume properly. To ensure that Android won't kill the application when low on resources, Google requires that icon and notification to be visible to the user. I guess it's made this way for security reasons - to have the user know when an app is always running.

Q: Why does SmartRingControl want access to my PHONE CALLS  and MESSAGES?
A: In order for the application to preserve the battery, the accelerometer sensor is activated only when there is incoming call or SMS is received. It determines the phone position in a fraction of the second, and adjusts the ringer volume according to the settings, and turns off the accelerometer sensor.

Q: Why does SmartRingControl want to PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING?
A: Some phones do not allow using the accelerometer sensor when the device is sleeping. Therefore SmartRingControl wakes the device while the accelerometer sensor is used, and releases the wake lock after it finishes with the readings. It usually takes less than a second, so it should not affect your battery.

Q: Why does SmartRingControl want to modify/delete USB storage content?
A: The application only uses this permission to store configuration data.

Q: Why does the phone start ringing with lower volume, and then increases the volume after a fraction of the second?
A: Since the application is designed not to drain your battery, it takes some milliseconds before the accelerometer sensor can be activated and the phone position detected. The application is designed to always set the phone ring volume to the lowest possible value when not ringing, so there is no chance that when the phone rings, the first couple of milliseconds it rings at the loudest possible level.

Q: Why there is around 3 seconds delay between my phone receiving a call and starting to ring?
A: This is related to the way Android handle services, and happens only if one of the volume sliders is set to 0. If you run the application service in the foreground, there will be no delay. But apparently if a service is not in the foreground, Android suspends it more than the other services, and it takes some time before it can be activated and the ring volume adjusted according to the phone position.

Q: How can I save the settings I make?
A: You don't need to save the settings. They are automatically saved each time you make a change.

Q: My phone starts ringing loud, and then lowers the ring volume. Why does it do that?
A: Some phones have an option/application that gradually increases the ringer volume. If this option is not turned off, you'll experience for high ring volume, then lowered by the option, and then gradually increasing the ringer volume. You should disable any setting/application that changes the ring volume.

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