Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free edition changelog

2012-10-06 v.0.6 - Major new release. Integrated low pass filter for normalizing accelerometer readings. Optimized for faster response times so there won't be any delay between phone ringing and volume adjustment. Applied the new holo theme if you use Android 4+. Changed logging mechanism.

2012-03-19 v.0.5.5 - Fixed a bug on ICS(when volume rocker is locked) where even though the phone is muted, it will start ringing when someone is calling. Also a workaround is made for ICS not showing vibrate icon when the phone is put in vibrate only mode (at least for ICS 4.0.3 on Nexus S). It will now show the proper icon when mute or vibrate is selected. Improvements were made for detecting the phone position. Now the first couple of accelerometer sensor readings are averaged, as to be more certain what the phone position is.

2012-02-27 v.0.5.4 - A bugfix that addresses devices that fail to wake up the accelerometer sensor instantly.

2012-02-06 v.0.5.3 - Bugfixes related to Google Analytics code.

2012-01-17 v.0.5.2 - Some Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) bugfixes. Changed logging mechanism. Added Google Analytics code.

2011-12-27 v.0.5.1 - Added bootup support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This means that the app will automatically start on phone restart if you select the "Auto start on boot up" option (so you won't forget to start it).

2011-10-08 v.0.5 - Added "Rate this app" button. Fixed a bug that caused changes in ring volume level after mute and then unmute.

2011-09-13 v.0.4.1 - Fixed notification error. Added uninstall button, with survey about uninstall reasons.

2011-09-05 v.0.4 - Added option should the app start on boot up or not. Timed mute controls are hidden by default with option to show them on the basic tab. Added drop down to define how to use the volume rocker buttons. Options are to lock the volume rocker buttons, adjust the leveled ring volume or adjust the non-leveled ring volume.

2011-08-20 v.0.3.2 - Fixed a bug that lowered the ring volume couple of seconds after the ringing started. Fixed a bug where some settings would not save.

2011-08-14 v.0.3.1 - Fixed a bug where vibration was on, even though it was turned off. It appears Android would not turn the vibration off if the phone started ringing with vibration on.

2011-08-01 v.0.3 - Added "Feedback" and "Help" menu options. Fixed a bug causing crash on old 1.5 and 1.6 Android devices.

2011-07-30 v.0.2.3 - Fixed a bug where application stayed on top of the lock screen

2011-07-30 v.0.2.2 - Fixed a NullPointerException bug

2011-07-30 v.0.2.1 - Fixed a bug where service crashed if the application was not resident in memory. Some default values changed.

2011-07-29 v.0.2 - Added button to the Pro version. Pro version is now live in the Android Market

2011-07-26 v.0.1.1 - Added support for small screens (240x320 pixels), and requiring accelerometer sensor.